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Medical Boarding for Dogs & Cats in Pflugerville

Our dedicated and compassionate veterinary team at Pfennig Lane Animal Hospital provides overnight medical boarding services for cats and dogs in Pflugerville and surrounding areas.

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Pet Medical Boarding

We know that it can be a difficult prospect to have to leave your pet, especially when that pet is recovering from a serious illness or surgical procedure.

We want to give you as much peace of mind as possible at Pfennig Lane Animal Hospital. We offer full-service medical boarding for cats and dogs who require medication or specialized care.

You can depend on our experienced team to provide your pet with a safe, comfortable home away from home while they relax and recover.

Medical Boarding for Cats & Dogs, Pflugerville Vet

Boarding: A Typical Day

Medical Boarding for Dogs

Dogs spend most of their time in private, climate-controlled kennels with soft, clean bedding.

Medication will be administered according to your stated specifications, to ensure their routine is as similar as possible to their time at home.

Throughout their stay, each patient's medical conditions, as well as signs of anxiety, fear, or stress, are constantly monitored. Any concerns will be addressed by our veterinarian.

Dogs will also get short walks courtesy of our staff, to enjoy the fresh air and an opportunity to go to the bathroom.

Medical Boarding for Cats

In a discussion with you, we will take note of any specifications or requirements your cat may have. We strive to make the transition from their normal routine at home to their stay with us as smooth as possible.

During your cat's time with us, we will feed and administer medication as specified by you, so that their routine closely mimics their time at home.

Our staff interacts with the cats daily, providing play, snuggles, pets, and enrichment activities. We check, clean, and disinfect litter boxes periodically and throughout the day.

FAQs About Medical Boarding for Pets

Pfennig Lane Animal Hospital is a huge animal lover! Our team enjoys providing medical boarding services to recovering pets as well as providing them with the love and attention they require and deserve.

Read our FAQ for answers to common questions get about medical boarding for cats and dogs at our hospital.

If you have any further questions about medical boarding in the Pflugerville area, please contact us!

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